Airis Dabble 2-in-1 Portable E-nail and Wax Vape Pen Device (Rainbow)

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  • Airis Dabble 2-in-1 Portable E-nail and Wax Vape Pen Device (Rainbow)
  • Airis Dabble 2-in-1 Portable E-nail and Wax Vape Pen Device (Rainbow)
  • Airis Dabble 2-in-1 Portable E-nail and Wax Vape Pen Device (Rainbow)
  • Airis Dabble 2-in-1 Portable E-nail and Wax Vape Pen Device (Rainbow)
  • Airis Dabble 2-in-1 Portable E-nail and Wax Vape Pen Device (Rainbow)
  • Airis Dabble 2-in-1 Portable E-nail and Wax Vape Pen Device (Rainbow)
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The Airis Dabble 2-in-1 is a powerful, easy to clean, use, assemble and disassemble wax vape and portable e-nail device. With three power settings, 2 heat up options, and two vaping options, the versatility on this thing is unbelievable!

Whether using on its own or paired with a bong, the Dabble will meet the needs of any concentrate user.

Water filtration is key for consumption for those who have a sensitive throat. Pairing your device with water filtration allows for larger, smoother hits, each and every time.

Be sure not to use too much water filtration as that may cool the vapor too much, resulting in excess residue in your bong or water filtration device. 

The device heats up 2 different ways, either manually, as you press and hold the button, where it stops heating as soon as the button is no longer pressed.

Or you may use the session setting by simply double tapping the button, and allow for the heating cycle to do its thing!


  • 900mah battery
  • Variable Voltage Settings 3.4-3.7-4.2v
  • 14mm & 19mm diameters glass bongs compatible
  • Manually & Automatically heating up
  • Quartz Heating Element
  • Preheat Function
  • Micro USB


Kit Includes:

  • 1 Airis Dabble Device
  • 19mm Silicone Adapter
  • 1 Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Dab Tool
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Gift Box


Compatible Accessories :


What is a Portable Enail?

A portable enail is a concentrate vaporization device that can be attached directly to a water pipe for added water filtration. Portable enails come in a variety of styles, up until recently portable enails did not have a digital display on them, had traditional conduction heating like a coil or a bucket and have now graduated to induction heating methods.

Advantages to Portable E-nails 

A portable e-nail offers a more efficient, powerful, and smoother experience when combined with water filtration. Digital portable enails allow the user to customize their experience per their strength preference or concentrate’s vaporization point. There is a slight variation of vaporization points for each type of concentrate, utilizing a digital display will allow for accounting of this slight difference for the most controlled experience and cloud size control.


Click Here to Read about How to Clean A Portable ENail!


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Additional Information

3 Inches;Heat Up Time=20 Seconds"
Quartz Coil
Battery Size:
900 mAh
Joint Size:
Joint Size:
Charge Time:
1.5 Hours
Uses Per Charge:
10-15 Sessions
Charge Type:
Micro USB
Added Features:
Magnetic Coil, Dual Use
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4 Reviews

  • 5
    Aeris Dabble

    Posted by Connor Roth on 18th Jun 2022

    Hands down the best concentrate product ive bought. Makes smoking a breeze.

  • 5
    Amazing, Portable Wax Vape

    Posted by Xenom Firepaw on 4th Jun 2021

    I was a little skeptical placing my order for this vape. I mean...every other device i had seen on the market cost upawrds of $80, so a box-mod style wax vape, that could be attached to a bong? FOR $50?!? I had my doubts. But the box showed up to my door in just a couple of days, and i gave it a shot. I had to look up a youtube video for how to use it...the instructions kinda suck. But after i got it going? this is the easiest to use vape i have ever easy to run as a juul pen, if you fill your own. the glass cover pulls out, and the actual coil is magnetic, of all things! It gives a nice, flavorful hit; and its perfectly designed to replace your bong carb caps. double tap for a good 20 second prime, and you're off to the races! I would happily recommend it to anyone, especially if they are relatively new to the wax market (like me!). Do not hesitate to try this thing, its worth it!

  • 5

    Posted by Candace on 26th Feb 2021

    Exactly what I was looking for. Handy, easy way to consume concentrates

  • 5

    Posted by Chaneli Romero on 16th Dec 2020

    It’s an amazing product it’s best to use shatter rather then sugar but ten out of ten would recommend this product

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